Joy and love will be showered on you
For everything gets its share of sunlight;

Don’t walk away gloomy from this garden

For owl’s aren’t adored by men;

Rely only on God for all your needs

For even the shadow leaves you in darkness;

Make love, be joyful, live beautifully​

For the world has enough to make you cry;
A kiss from my mate is enough to brush my tears

For only teardrop of pheonix cures all wounds;
Keep away from extravagance wholly

For even a clear breath makes glass misty;

Don’t worry because of all the darkness

For fireflies glow only in the dark;
Shine the light of your soul wholly

For hundred viels couldn’t hide its luminosity;
A tender feeling flared as I saw you and I started dancing

For without sun the moon  wouldn’t be glowing;
I have said a lot and it makes no sense
For its you that breathe life into it and no one else.

Don’t lose it!

The moment of truth, joy and ecstasy is here, Don’t lose​ it

Your grace and noble manners will take you to your goals, Don’t lose it

Optimisim and ambitions are your strength, Don’t lose it

The beloved will provide the window of union, Don’t lose it

In his submission we will find the peace of both the worlds, Don’t lose it

The near of kin, friends, and associates will aid your ascent, Don’t lose it

As the flower allures the bee you will be the flower for the good of the world, Don’t lose it

Life, it’s lessons and experiences are your beacons, Don’t lose it

Being a civil engineer this passion of poetry is too much for me but : Don’t lose it

The Dal Diaries

That where the Boulevard road took me was wonderland

The Dal lake was glistening with pearls forming and dying ceaselessly

The beautiful mirror knew who was moving above it

It revealed the greed of men and avarice volumes together

We choked up her space and tarnished her charm

Pumped all the filth and retained no harm

True that the Kashmiris have no heart!

Bench of beauty

We friends while sitting at on the bench of beauty

I’m relaxed while sitting on the bench of beauty at IUST

A million-dollar view of the wastoorwan mountains 

The gloomy clouds overhead stir the sea of my emotions 

Majestic, they display their mesmerising beauty to the hilt

And I lay wonderstruk with the emotions, the beauty, the charm

The clouds come too often to kiss the beautiful one

Careful that your love may obscure the beauty of the beautiful one

Nothing else !

Depression has hollowed me from inside but I’ll keep on fighting. Nothing else

Anxiety has gulped fountains of my blood but I’ll keep on smiling. Nothing else

Mood swings has put off people from me but I’ll keep up my morale. Nothing else

Neurocognitive disorder has plagued my memory but I’ll keep on remembering. Nothing else

Even if I lose the battle I would rise once again and win the war. Nothing else.
P.S: The first four verses have a acrostic style of poetry made on the pattern of word ‘ damn ‘.