A swish of blade

A gush of blood

A stain on heart

A burst of tears

A dash of wine

I’m all fine.

Smothered emotions

Fleeting thoughts

Feeble words

Fettered sky

Flashy outside

Fouled-up inside.

Mingled light and darkness

Meshed webs and chains

Madness in air

Maniac frenzy

Melancholic tremor

Morgue is where the hat is.


Liquid reality is not easy to come by

Fair haired came and unfolded her tresses


Her breath traced its path across my neck

Fate seemed to stare at this sight wide eyed

Mingled thoughts crossed of which I could make no sense

Hollow body seemed to be full and content

As she leaned forward the hourglass froze

The decreed moment seemed to hasten

Heart raced as a possesed horse

Suddenly you crumpled and disappeared

Frantically I searched the entire house

Sign, trace, a small hint ; none was there

The memory lanes formed again

The cries of your loss deafening

The tears flowing

The scenes painting

The heart squeezing

Confusion brewing

And then,

The curtains came over all this drama of yours

I found myself in an asylum lying in a deserted corner

The solid reality came and filled everything around me

Just as when rocks fall into water, water overflows

Hope turned my life into tragedy

I was left only to ponder if my life would have been better without it.


Joy and love will be showered on you
For everything gets its share of sunlight;

Don’t walk away gloomy from this garden

For owl’s aren’t adored by men;

Rely only on God for all your needs

For even the shadow leaves you in darkness;

Make love, be joyful, live beautifully

For the world has enough to make you cry;
A kiss from my mate is enough to brush my tears

For only teardrop of pheonix cures all wounds;
Keep away from extravagance wholly

For even a clear breath makes glass misty;

Don’t worry because of all the darkness

For fireflies glow only in the dark;
Shine the light of your soul wholly

For hundred viels couldn’t hide its luminosity;
A tender feeling flared as I saw you and I started dancing

For without sun the moon wouldn’t be glowing;
I have said a lot and it makes no sense
For its you that breathe life into it and no one else.